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Character is defined as the summative of features and trials that forms the individual nature”. Hard work and achievement should be taken to make something’s beginning secure and strong, because preparation is such an integral part. Across the globe, cultures have varied ideas of what those may be, but social spectators and physiologists claim that a child needs love and standards to be held to, along with the basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter. Often the simplest of these needs are denied many children across the world.

heoresIn this affluent nation most of the children’s are suffering from dire lifestyles of fifth and poverty. The entire world strives to stop the effects of the strangulating circumstances that many children are brought up in. There are several health care facilities evolved around the world in order to help those suffering people. it is unfair for those who have but the slightest to spare to turn away from helping where they can even after knowing the brutality of the situation for many children. Helping a child either with physical caring for their needs or emotionally or spiritually nourishing them is one of the most valuable acts that one can accomplish. A person who is sharing or donating something to those children’s can able to see the child’s eye light with love and gratitude. It helps them to fill their heart with the sense of rightness. Such persons are considered as War of Heroes because they are having that much courage to overcome the hurdles.

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