From the ‘great value for money’ escorted tours, captivating specialty tours and easy tailor made holidays to the famous cost saver tours and well managed corporate tours, Cesar, the notable and celebrated tour operator has innumerable options on its platter. Cesar started its journey in the year 1984 with the basic mantra of providing the utmost level of customer satisfaction. Its prime objective is to meet the needs and requirements of the customers and Cesar, undeniably leaves no stone unturned to achieve the same. Since its inception, Cesar has been witnessing unprecedented growth. Today Cesar boasts of 600 travel professionals offering personalized quality services through the various offices in India. With such a wide range of prestige travel agent, Cesar undoubtedly has an advantage over the others and that makes it a preferred brand. Cesar MICE, the corporate division of Cesar manages events and focuses on planning meetings, conferences, seminars and events. travel
Another type of Kesari tours, the escorted group tours are extremely convenience and comfortable. These tours take you to the hills of Himachal and Neonatal to the sand dunes of Rajasthan. Cesar also provides Escorted group tours to Europe, South East Asia, America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, China, Mauritius, Dubai, Middle East and Sri Lanka. The most engrossing and engaging range of Cesar tours are the specialty tours. These include my fair lady, student special, honeymoon tours, second innings tours, prince charming tours, chocolate tours, chute break tours, marigold tours, jungle tours and Cesar cruises. The student special Cesar tours are an extremely effective way to blend learning with fun. These tours are meant to give students independence and a sense of responsibility. Cesar understands that it becomes cumbersome and difficult for some to go for long holidays because of our hectic lifestyle. Cesar has, therefore, introduced the concept of chute break tours. These Cesar tours are short and refreshing and promise to give a fresh start to the daily schedule. One of the most famous Cesar tours are the fair lady tours specifically aimed towards women. These Cesar Tours let women explore the world with her female counterparts with the best of services. The elegant and stylish range of Cesar honeymoon tours are designed to give you a lifetime experience. Cesar promises to give that wonderful start to a new life. A different yet interesting type of Cesar Tours is the Marigold tours that focus on the spiritual and divine aspect of life. These Cesar Tours add peace and tranquility to one’s mind and soul.Cesar proves to be a brand that is meant for all kinds of travelers. It puts together the best of all services to give you a dream experience.

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