3DS R4i gold 3ds includes a situation for 2 cartridges, a Micro SD card reader, and the Gold 3DS itself. Help WiFi purpose for firmware update instantly and effectively. Uses Micro-sd card FAT 16 or 32. Integral newest Moon Shell 2.0 Beta version.What is more, another data has been launched that R4i gold has stopped production and selling, the only R4i product will be R4i gold 3DS in future, currently maybe you be able to get some R4i gold from retailers simply because they have some in stock.

And the stark reality is that from now on all the products from the state factory will be R4i gold 3ds, and you can utilize it to work on your. It can operate games on console. We shall not protect it in this review, as Moon shell isn’t unique for the Gold 3DS. But also has got the same official website, should you desire to learn more about Moon shell or desire to learn how-to use it, have small difference with its successorv1.41, not just do they share the same developer group with its successor.

R4i SDHC 3DS Card is attempting to sell today that will be a brand new introduced slot-1 card for Nintendo 3DS system. It had been created by branded r4i-sdhc team. R4i SDHC 3DS EmulatorĀ is just a total new flashcard, which support flashcard works good and masses activities extremely fast, Micro SDHC support can also be an edge of having this cart. It’s Moon shell 2 which allows you to watch videos listen to music, and a lot more. Reading eBooks can also be good. Overall I’m pleased with this cart, It has a quick filling process and a definitely better cheat motor.

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