Writing an essay is an integral part of the Bologna system of education. Essays like compositions express impressions and observations of the author about a particular object or situation; it is not intended to retell the content of the subject that is written. However, an essay, in contrast to a composition includes the imagery, aphoristic nature of philosophical judgment, conversational tone, and often contradictory.

It is important to know and understand requirements for essays, as lately there are more and more programs on a competitive basis, a major component of which is an essay.

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It is also important to know what requirements are set by a specific teacher who will check your essay. Therefore the assessment of creative work depends largely on the ideas, thoughts and values to the verifier. If you don’t know the identity of the reviewer or his assessment methodology, it is important to impress him through his work.

How can you do it? It is important to remember that the person who checks your particular essay is likely to check out for at least another few dozen of same works. And since the human factor plays a dominant role in this situation, it should be encouraged.

The first rule is not to go into the jungle, not to confuse the thoughts and not to make boring sentences with twisted turns, because they are difficult to understand, and no one has a particular desire to explore the meaning, and it is possible that your creation will not be read to the end. It is desirable to make a clear plan of your creation and follow it, so there will be more likelihood that your essay will be written in a laconic and meaningful way.

It is often required to write an essay on any subject. In this case, it is advisable to choose a neutral topic about which you have a clear view so you can write competently, and, most importantly, your reasoning will not be contrary to the reasoning of the reviewer of a teacher. Thus it is necessary to correctly approach the problem of selection of material. If you are involved in serious competition, you will have to pay attention to this point. Read books, articles, analysis, works of critics. Read aphorisms, they can be advantageously used when writing essays.

Work on essay starts with the draft. It is possible to mark important messages, thoughts, interesting ideas, quotes, sayings of the same critics, and only then can all these scriptures begin to gather into one.

If you have learned enough material and have written a lot of beloved ideas, the writing of the essay won’t take a lot of time. You can only “polish” written thoughts, combine them together, and apply for a job with a clear conscience.

The main objective of essays is to get a general idea about the person, so you should present yourself from the best side. Even if you think that the forests of the Taiga takes up too much space, and it is able to build a station for the processing of oil, write the opposite.

The title should be flashy and memorable, each new paragraph should be started with new ideas that you need to issue in an attractive way. Despite the fact that an essay is a free flow of ideas, creativity and imagination, it must have a clearly defined structure.

The first paragraph is the traditional introduction; it should not exceed 30% of the total volume. The introduction should entice the reader; give him a desire to continue reading. You can use the lines from philosophical works, unusual facts, quotes, question, there is much more to invent for this purpose.

this case there is no need to write the main part. It is not necessary to write in a literary language using all kinds of momentum, metaphor, hyperbole and all the rest of the beauty of literature, but essays should not consist of the word-parasites, it should not be written in children's language, it should be read easily. The main part of an essay is about 60% of the volume, it reveals the main idea, the idea of an essay, which is desirably to support with accurate facts, vivid descriptions, reflections, quotations, or other intriguing information. The last part of an essay is conclusion.